You control climate change

There is so much talk about climate change these days that it can start to sound like a bunch of noise rather than useful information. What's more, we can easily be made to feel that there is just nothing we can do about climate change.

Perhaps we think that if there can actually be something done about climate change it has to come from people much richer and much smarter than us. While such views on how to help reverse climate change might be understandable they aren't true.

There are places in the world where the reality of climate change is more obvious than in other locations. This climate change video is about the people of Venice and how they are trying to introduce small changes in personal behavior that will help to control climate change. The famous Venice waters have risen more and more each year threatening the survival of the city and all of those who live there.

By taking a level of personal responsibility for climate change, the environmentally friendly minds of Venice are hoping that the population of the city will make small changes such as using more fuel efficient boats for getting around the city. Even changing the light bulbs in all the official buildings to energy saver bulbs will make a difference to climate change.

In other part of Europe, such as in Prague, the European Union is stressing the importance of taking that bit of personal responsibility towards climate change. Schools are being encouraged to teach their pupils to turn off heaters and lights in classrooms that aren't being used, for example.

It is without doubt that regardless of where we live on the planet, we all need to take more personal interest in climate change. Making environmentally friendly changes to our lives, such as those being promoted here by the European Union can't help but set a positive example for the future generations.


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