Why is organic cotton important?

When you decide to go organic either with your food or with your clothing, it isn't just you who benefits. Certainly the environment will feel the benefits but many of us might not think of the toll the production of non-organic goods takes on the workers who help produce it.

In these videos, we learn why it is so important to try to buy organic cotton whenever it is possible. The people in these videos help us to learn what damage producing cotton can do to the workers involved with production.

The workers themselves tell of the harm the chemicals have done to their health and how producing organic cotton is so much healthier for them.

We also learn how the flooding of the cotton markets by non-organic cotton produced by American farmers is causing farmers in the developing world to lose their livelihoods even though they are usually producing higher quality cotton.

One answer, we learn, is for these cotton farms in the developing world to convert to growing organic cotton. One female cotton worker who actually had a miscarriage due to working with the chemicals involved with producing cotton which wasn't organic cotton. Since then she has decided to change to farming organic cotton.

The problem is finding people willing to buy organic cotton. So, it is up to us to be the ones opening up our wallets and buying organic cotton.

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