White chocolate mousse organic recipe

If you thought that organic recipes had to be all about fruit and vegetables then think again. Organic recipes can go into the realm of the indulgent too. A case in point is this amazing white chocolate mousse organic recipe.

What is so fantastic about this chocolate mousse recipe is that making the organic recipe has just two ingredients. It can't get more simple than that. In order to make this organic dessert recipe you simply need organic white chocolate and organic cream.

To start out making this organic recipe you just need to break up white chocolate bar and melting it over a double boiler. If you don't have a double boiler than you can make one a make shift one by boiling water in one pan and holding the pan with the white chocolate just slightly above that water while you stir the melting chocolate.

Once you have melted the chocolate the rest of the work in this white chocolate mousse organic recipe comes down to working with the cream. You need to whip that organic cream for a good while but once you have done that it is pretty straight forward. If you leave the mousse to chill in the fridge for three hours you will have a fantastic organic dessert to serve.

It would probably be easy to mix up this recipe and use various varieties of organic chocolate. For example, you could get fancy and use half white chocolate and half dark chocolate. That would be something really special and a proper show off dish for a dinner party.

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