Which green cleaning products work best?

Green cleaning is becoming more of a priority for many environmentally friendly people. So, it isn't much of a shock that big companies are trying to get a slice of those potential green profits. Commercially available green cleaning products are popping up all the time. Which, is a great thing if you want to practice green cleaning but don't have the time to make your own products at home. The problem is how do you know which green cleaning products work best?

The Good Housekeeping institute have come to the rescue and done a test to answer which green cleaning products clean the best. They tested a whole range of environmentally friendly cleaners to see which one produced the best results. The green products they tested included green laundry detergent. They found that Arm & Hammer did best which given the long history of baking soda in green cleaning.

They also explored which so-called green dish detergents and all purpose scrubs did the best to cut through grease and grime. The results they found can be valuable indeed for anybody looking for an easy path way into environmentally friendly cleaning.

Another thing they found which will probably concern most people interested in green cleaning is that it was very important to carefully investigate the green claims of products. They found a huge number of products that claimed to be green cleaners that really were not. So, be careful and consider taking the advice of their clean cleaning research.



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