What is carbon footprint?

You don't have to be an avid follower of environmental issues to have heard the term carbon footprint. The news media is full of stories about people attempting to reduce their carbon footprint. It is as if we are all assumed to already know what carbon footprint means.

Don't worry if you don't know what carbon footprint means because it is fairly simple to learn. In very simple terms, your carbon footprint is how much energy is used and how much pollution is created in your individual life in order to take you through your day.

The idea behind reducing your carbon footprint is to find things you can change in your life that will mean you use less energy and therefore be more environmentally friendly. For example, if you leave your laptop on standby all day you are requiring it to use a little bit of energy throughout the day. That may not feel like much but it all adds up. If you simply turned your laptop totally off that would mean a slightly smaller carbon footprint for you.

If just the small changes like that make an impact and help to reduce your carbon footprint only imagine the difference that could come from us all making big changes.

Just take a look at this video which has taken on the challenge of explaining the meaning of carbon footprint in terms that are easy to understand. You come away with a much clearer idea about the meaning of carbon footprint and where to begin to

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