What are food miles?

No doubt if you are at all interested in being environmentally friendly then you have heard about food miles. Do you really understand what is meant when people talk about the food miles of what they eat though? Don't be embarrassed it you don't because you are not alone.

In movements such as the environmental one it can sometimes feel that new terms pop up yearly and we are all suppose to just know what they mean. Food miles is for sure one of those buzz terms that came out of nowhere and now we are all suppose to be experts on the topic.

The good news is that food miles really is a pretty straight forward and simple concept. The further your food has to travel from the place it was grown to where you eat it the more food miles it has used. In order to get from the one location to the other fuel and energy would have had to be used. So, the closer the origin of the food is to your kitchen the less pollution will have been generated.

That sounds like a pretty easy concept but in the modern world where even simple produce like tomatoes and lettuce could have been shipped to your supermarket on a plane from the other side of the globe it is clear that the campaign to lower food miles still has some way to go.

This video is a good starting point for explaining the basic concepts of food miles. The examples used are all about Australian food miles but the exact same concepts are true in every community around the globe. Which is why food miles is something that the whole world should embrace.

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