Top five worst oil spills

For good reason, the eyes of the world have been focused on the horrible damage the BP oil spill has done to the Gulf of Mexico.

However, the truth that all with an environmentally friendly mind know is that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is just one of many such environmental disasters.Here is a run down of the top five worst oil spills of all time.

Many of us would have firm memories of the Exxon Valdez spill that happened in 1989. The striking images of the birds covered in thick black oil is one which will live with many of us for our whole lives. In fact, it might just be having seen those horrible oil spill photos that brought many us to the cause of environmentalism.

Some of the worst oil spill have happened outside of North America though and the Nowruz platform disaster in the Persian Gulf is certainly one of those. It leaked over 80 million gallons of oil when it was struck by a ship. The Nowruz platform disaster happened in 1983 at the hottest point of the Iran and Iraq war. Because of the war and the fact that the platform was under constant attack from Iraq, the leak couldn't be fixed for months.

The environmental catastrophes and three other oil spills are explored in this video. Without a doubt, the Gulf of Mexico spill might eventually push one of these out of the ranks and find its own spot in the top five. What a totally shameful list to find yourself on.


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