Tomato and cucumber organic salad recipe

If you are new to cooking with organic vegetables then you are probably amazed by how much better an organic tomato tastes compared to a normal one. There really is a world of difference between the two tastes. If you have all that wonderful organic produce you should find some healthy organic vegetables to show them off.

If the vegetable taste so good then it would be a shame to go for an overly complicated organic recipe. If you go for a simple organic salad recipe then you are going to be able to taste those organic vegetable at their finest.

A good example of the sort of recipe that will really make organic tomatoes shine is this tomato and cucumber salad. The mistake that a lot of people make when putting together an organic salad recipe is to use an overly fussy salad dressing. While the dressing might taste nice it will over power the vegetables and you won't get to taste their extra goodness.

In this organic salad recipe, the woman that presents the recipe did the organic vegetables justice by simply dressing them in a bit of celtic sea salt and pepper. Using a good quality organic olive oil will add a good mild taste to the salad while still allowing you to taste the tomato and the cucumbers that make up the salad.

This would be a very forgiving organic salad recipe that would let you play around and create any number of different versions. You would only need to mix in various organic herbs to bring a different taste to the organic salad recipe. A few slices of thinly sliced organic onion would bring an extra crunch to the salad too.


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