Teaching kids recycling

If you want to put your kids on the path of living an environmentally friendly life then one great way to start is by teaching kids recycling. When teaching kids how to recycle you can start very young just by getting them to think about waste. It is a lot easier to teach them good environmental habits right from the start than it will be to undo bad habits.

As your environmentally friendly kids are learning about household trash set them on the right path by introducing them to the recycling bins right from the very start. If they never think that any and all trash goes straight into the normal garbage can then they are on the right start to learning how to recycle.

You could start by teaching kids what to do with waste when they are eating. If they have had a can of soda then teach kids recycling by having them take the can to the recycling bin themselves and rewarding them with a big hug and kiss when they do it without being asked. If they can't finish all of the food on their plate then why not extend teaching kids recycling by also showing them what food can go into a compost bin and helping them take it to that bin?

We all know that kids love to help their parents with little tasks when they are young. If they see you recycling and doing and conducting life in an environmentally friendly manner they will enjoying mimicking that behavior. So, why not take advantage of that and make recycling a bit of a game at times?

Have you just read a newspaper? Teach kids recycling by giving them a paper and seeing how fast they can get it to the recycling bin and back. Do you have a bit of scrap paper that can be recycled? Why not see if they can dunk it like a basketball into the paper recycling bin? Sure, it is still but if it goes a way to teach kids recycling who is going to complain in the long term?


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