Sesame Street : Ronnie Trash

If you can count on one kid's tv show to be both educational and entertaining than it simply has to to be Sesame Street. That is true when it comes to environmental education for kids too. This Ronnie Trash Sesame Street song is a great example of how they spread the word about being environmentally friendly while still be fun to watch.

Of course, Ronnie Trash is a parody of Johnny Cash and that makes it fun for adults to watch this fine example of environmental education. It is kids though that are really going to take it what they are being taught by Sesame Street. When your kids watch this and come away singing about having to keep a close watch on their trash you are going to know something good has happened.

Now, only if more tv shows aimed at kids learned how to take this sort of responsible approach to environmental education. If something isn't fun to watch there is no way a child is going to stop to watch it much less take on board the environmentally friendly message.

Remember, don't throw it on the Earth because it is the land of our birth!

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