Robert Redford on oil

Nobody can claim that Robert Redford is a celebrity who is new to environmental causes. The iconic Hollywood actor has been involved with any number of environmental causes for many years now. He is one of those few environmentally friendly celebrities that dares to put his money where his mouth is and more than that he puts his head on the chopping block too.

In this case, Robert Redford is talking about America's addiction to oil. He recorded this on behalf of the NRDC Action Fund far before the BP oil spill but yet he was right on the money about how dangerous our connection to oil could be.

In this environmental video, Robert Redford supports the cause of finding ways to move America beyond oil and find other sources of environmentally friendly fuels. He encourages all those who are interested in the environment to speak up and demand increased research into alternative fuels.

Without a doubt, Robert Redford is correct and if we do not put pressure on governments to invest the time and money they simply will not do it. Follow Robert Redford's example on this one and call your representatives today and remind them that you won't forget about the damage that oil has done to our world.



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