Reasons to celebrate Earth Day

If you ever needed a reason to celebrate Earth Day or you need to convince a less an Environmentally Friendly family member then sit down and watch this beautiful video.

Sometimes words just don't do enough to explain the damage we are doing to our planet. This video has such stunning photography that you just can't help but watch. Hopefully when we are compelled to watch we will give the message of why we need to celebrate Earth Day time to sink into our brains.

Just watch this video and see all the many ways in which we as humans are damaging our environment every single day of our lives. This environmental damage goes on in all corners or the Earth. Regardless of if it is our massive traffic jams on the way to work or the huge smoke stacks which are shooting poison into the air, there isn't a modern society around that can claim not to be hurting the Earth.

So, is it too much to ask that for just one day a year we stop and celebrate Earth Day. Ideally, every day would be Earth Day on this planet but even just the one day where we stop and take notice of what harm we are doing would be better than nothing.

Even if you can only get your family to go out and plant a few trees as their way of celebrating Earth Day that is a start. Not only will those trees planted on Earth Day help the environment but it will teach any children in the family to be more environmentally aware. That is just the sort of thing that should be coming out of Earth Day every year.

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