President Obama marks 40th Earth Day

Earth Day 2010 marked the 40th anniversary since Earth Day was founded by United States senator Gaylord Nelson. It was an anniversary that President Obama felt needed to be marked. In this video from the White House, President Obama both celebrates Earth Day and sets out what his administration has planned in order to help the environment.

He starts out his Earth Day address with a bit of a history lesson about a past American environmental disaster. He speaks about the Cuyahoga River fires which drew such attention in 1969. According to President Obama, the Cuyahoga River fires were one of the main events which spurred the creation of Earth Day.

Since that first Earth Day, President Obama claims with pride that the United States has made great strides in cleaning up the environment. That may be up for some debate especially at a global scale as much of the world has had to battle with the United States to sign environmental treaties. However, it can't be argued that since that very first Earth Day the average person in the United States is much more aware of their individual impact on the environment.

It is this point that President Obama uses as a place to issue an Earth Day inspired challenge to his fellow Americans. He has laid down the challenge for each American to try to do just that bit more to help the environment. Even just recycling a bit more could be the sort of Earth Day pledge that sees the environment getting a little bit better each year.

Wouldn't it be great if one year we were celebrating Earth Day as a way of remembering the damage we had done to the environment before we all changed out minds and fixed it? Now that would be some great Earth Day!


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