Planting a sustainable vegetable garden

Sustainable vegetable gardening is set to be all the rage with those trying to be more environmentally friendly. It is good for the environment on so many levels.

Firstly, planting a sustainable vegetable garden takes your personal food miles down to just about nothing. By taking out the many middle men that it takes to get those vegetables to your plate you are saving the earth from all that pollution.

Secondly, when you plant a sustainable vegetable garden you get to decide what chemicals are used on those plants. So, if you decide you want to have an organic garden then that is exactly what you are able to have. This way you will know for sure that the vegetables in your sustainable garden have not been sprayed rather than taking somebody else's word for it.

Apart from all the environmentally friendly reasons for planting your own sustainable vegetable garden it is going to look great to have all those thriving and healthy plants in your yard. The woman in this video has thought outside of the gardening box and put her own sustainable vegetable garden on the front lawn. She may be a trend starter because if you are going to put all that effort into growing a sustainable vegetable garden then why hide it away in the backyard.

Wouldn't it be great to come home from work and make and pick the ingredients for your evening meal from the sustainable vegetable garden you walk past in your front yard? It simply can't get more fresh than that and it will feed the soul as well as your belly.

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