Pacific trash vortex

Some environmental disasters just have to be seen to be believed. Have you heard about the pacific trash vortex? Even if you have you need to watch this video.

The developed world throws away so much trash everyday and so much of it is made up of environmentally toxic plastic that simply doesn't biodegrade. For some reason, a good amount of this trash that is thrown away is ending up in this outstandingly horrific area of the Pacific ocean.

The Pacific trash vortex is packed with the plastic trash that is thrown from North an South America on one side and that which is thrown from Asia on the other side. Add to that all the trash that isn't recycled from boats and oil platforms and you have a shameful display of environmental harm.

This environmental disaster would be shameful enough if it was simply just a pile of trash floating around the Pacific trash vortex. However, the cost of this environmental abuse is far greater than just a shake of our heads.

Sea birds and other sea life are being killed by all of this plastic we have just used and thrown away. Why on this Earth do these innocent creatures need to suffer in such horrific ways for our societies addiction to plastic?

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