Organic natural exfoliant

Before you started down the path of developing your own organic body care routine you may never have thought of using pineapple to exfoliate your skin. You can do it though and not with the spiky outside skin of the pineapple either!

That's right, if you watch this woman's video you will learn how you can make your very own organic natural exfoliant using just what you may already have sitting in your fruit bowl.

What I especially like about this idea for making your own organic exfoliant is that when she presents the idea for her home beauty remedy recipe she talks about using the bits and pieces of the pineapple that she would normally throw away.

So, if you decide to use this natural exfoliant method you still get to eat all that yummy and healthy pineapple first. Then you use those little extra bits to help your skin look more beautiful rather than throwing them into your trash can. For any of us that are both trying to follow an organic body care routines and me more environmentally friendly then it has to be a great thing to be able to look good and not waste food.

I can just imagine enjoying a tasty pineapple smoothie while the rest of the pineapple that has been made into this organic natural exfoliant is working its magic on your skin.

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