Organic Food To Help Attention Deficit disorder

These days we are hearing so much about bringing organic food into our diets. It might be easy to dismiss all the buzz about going organic as nothing buy trendy hype. However, there is real evidence that for some people eating organic food can have huge health benefits.

In this video, nutritionist Julie Daniluk talks about the connections between eating organic food and conditions such as attention deficit order and hyperactivity. She herself suffered from attention deficit disorder as a child and within a short period of her mother deciding to change their family over to organic foods her symptoms faded and she became a much more focused student and person in general.

The main focus of the video is discussing the sort of chemicals that are used in non-organic food and how those chemicals can lead to damaged health. If you haven't thought about how many times your food has been sprayed with chemicals before you eat them then watching this video might open your mind to eating organic food. If not for the improved taste than at least to help with any linked medical conditions such as attention deficit disorder.



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