Making organic bath bags

Organic body care may sound like it would be too complicated to fit into your busy lifestyle. It doesn't have to be though. With just a few recipes for organic body care products you can find yourself making your own beauty products right there in your home.

This is an interesting video because it starts off with an expert in organic body care products explaining how to look at the labels of commercial cosmetic products and decide if they might be harmful to your skin. Don't forget they will be harmful to the environment too.

Then, it moves onto her showing us all how to make organic bath bags at home. These are replacements for those bath balls you put in your bath for when you need to soak away those sore muscles. That sure sounds great but there is some serious chemical work that goes into those little bath balls.

Now, with this recipe for organic bath bags you can make your very own sore muscle soakers at home. She shows you how to make a huge batch of these organic bath bags so that you only have to make up the recipe once in a very long time.

Personally, I think that once you got used to making these organic bath bags they would be made up and given as gifts. What woman doesn't love being given gifts to help pamper herself and with these organic bath bags she can not only feel good about her body but about her soul too.

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