Miley Cyrus: Wake Up America

It is difficult to think of a bigger teen music sensation over the past few years than Miley Cyrus. If you have a young daughter than chances are that they have been listening to Miley Cyrus music for some time now. Did you know though that Miley Cyrus has an environmentally friendly song amongst her song catalog?

That's right just check out this Miley Cyrus song called Wake Up America. It starts by asking if we can take care of 'her' with the hear in question being the Earth. Then it asks if we can take some time to give the Earth some consideration. You know that the droves of young fans that follow Miley Cryus will have decided to listen extra hard.

Which is great because as the Wake Up America song goes on it talks in blatant terms about global warming and going green. Adults could say these things to kids many times over and they aren't going to listen anywhere as closely as they will in a Miley Cyrus song.

The grown up cynics amongst us might wonder what the environmental impact of all the global air travel Miley Cyrus is in real terms. Yet, that doesn't mean that we can't take Miley Cyrus's song Wake Up America with the tone in which it was intended. The refrain about everybody being able to make a difference to the environment has to be a good one for any of her young fans to hear and take on board.

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