Jonas Brothers Going Green

Some environmentally friendly people might balk a bit at a car company making a video about going green. However, isn't it the truth that without these companies coming up with alternative fuels we are never going to be able to get the general population going green in the numbers needed?

Equally true is that for such ideas such as the electric car to really take off and become part of society they have to be seen as being cool. Of course, being cool means you are trying to get younger audiences interested.

So, if makes sense that Chevy would have roped in current teen sensations the Jonas Brothers to help promote their electric cars. Any fans of the Jonas Brothers aren't going to be able to resist watching the Jonas Brothers Going Green videos and by doing so they might just take on board the issue of going green themselves.

Sure, it is clearly advertising for Chevy but at least there is a positive message behind it. If kids get used to seeing their teen idols such as the Jonas Brothers riding around in electric cars then they may very well be bugging their parents to go green and look at electric cars too.

With any hope by the time the Jonas Brothers fans of today are old enough to be driving their own cars they will be remembering these videos and going for the green option of an electric car too.

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