Jonas Brothers Earth Day Quiz

Even if you may be a bit old to appreciate the Jonas Brothers music it can't be denied that they do a lot of promotion that involves an environmental slant.

In the case of this Jonas Brothers video they are having a light hearted quiz about Earth. They are goofing around and making it sound as if they are getting egg on their faces but the Jonas Brothers are doing it all in aid of a good cause.

If you watch this Jonas Brothers Earth Day quiz video you will learn a bit more than you already know about the Earth. For example, how much does the Earth weigh? If you aren't sure then watch this video and let the Jonas Brothers tell you.

You don't have to be a big fan of Jonas Brothers music to appreciate that kind of attention they bring to an environmental cause when they get even slightly involved. So, put you cynical head at the door and enjoy this video and learn a little bit more about the planet.

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