How to recycle plastic bottles

In modern life, it is nearly impossible to go one whole day without using one form of plastic bottle or another. If you have an environmentally friendly mind you are going to be instantly filled with thoughts on how to recycle plastic bottles and do your bit for the environment while still enjoying whatever has come out of that plastic bottle.

Of course you can always recycle plastic bottles by taking them to a recycling center that accepts plastic. However, we may often forget that when we learn how to recycle we can also learn to recycle through simply using the items again. In many ways, as this recycling video demonstrates, a plastic bottle is a blank canvas when it comes to creative recycling. Which could mean that learning how to recycle plastic bottles can be both good for the environment but fun too.

From watching this video, you will learn how to recycle plastic bottles in a whole series of creative ways. The very first idea he gives you is to use that used plastic bottle to help save water used to flush your toilet. Okay, so that may not be the most glamorous way to recycle a plastic bottle but if you are environmentally friendly then you will find it a bit exciting that not only are you being kind to the environment by recycling the bottle but also by saving water.

More fun ways he suggests as he is teaching us how to recycle plastic bottles is to use them to create natural pest control devices or even in gardening.

He gives so many suggestions for recycling plastic bottles that it is honestly difficult to remember them all by the end of the video. However, without a doubt you will come away with at least one idea for recycling plastic bottles that you will be able to implement in your own life.

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