How to recycle Christmas cards

Everybody enjoys getting Christmas cards at the holiday season. However, everybody with an environmentally friendly mind will be concerned by the use of all that paper that is used when people are sending out their Christmas cards. The obvious solution to doing something about the environmental guilt is to lear how to recycle Christmas cards.

Of course, if the Christmas cards are made of out recycled paper (and everybody should try only to buy Christmas cards which are made that way) then that is a good start. However, it can be fun for the whole family if you learn how to recycle Christmas cards in creative ways. That way not only can you be learning how to recycle but also having fun as a family.

This video about Christmas card recycling is packed with such fun ideas of how to turn last year's Christmas cards into this year's Christmas decorations. The ideas of how to recycle Christmas cards range from making super fun festive napkin rings to using your pile of old Christmas cards to make big cut out Christmas decorations.

Learning how to recycle Christmas cards could be one the best ways to teach kids about recycling too. All kids are excited about Christmas and while you have their attention it is a perfect time to teach lessons without sounding like you are lecturing them about the environment.

Make learning how to recycle Christmas cards feel like a game that you are playing with them by getting them involved with the brain storming of ideas. Then, make sure the ideas for using those old Christmas cards are things they can help you do. If you are going to make them into the napkin rings, for example, they can help you pick which part of the old Christmas cards are the prettiest.

Years down the line you will be thrilled you taught them how to recycle Christmas cards when you watch them pass on the new environmentally friendly holiday tradition to their own family.

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