How to recycle cell phones

How many different cell phones have you had over the past few years? What do you do with your old cell phone when you have decided to replace it with the shiny new model. Have you ever thought about learning how to recycle cell phones you no longer want?

If you are interested in becoming more environmentally friendly than learning how to recycle cell phones is something you can do to feel better about marrying up your desire to help your planet with wanting to follow the latest technology trends.

It is important to find an ethical way to recycle cell phones because there are components of the phones which are damaging to the environment. When you think about all those perfectly good but just slightly out of date phones that get tossed each year you can only imagine all the damage those components could do.

Since most of those phones do still work, one of the easiest ways to recycle cell phones is to find a charity that takes them, refurbishes them and then finds them new homes. It is one of the trendiest things in charity work at the moment. So, it shouldn't take you long to find a charity that will match up with your own ideals.

These charities ranges from programs that recycle cell phones and give them to troops to those that refurbish the phones and distribute them to women that are in domestic abuse shelters. Imagine the different that old phone you were going to simply throw away could make to the lives of those women once you learn how to recycle cell phones you no longer need.

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