High fashion green clothing

Did you know that 50 percent of the world's water pollution comes from the textile industry? That is a lot of environmental damage that is done just so that we can be slaves to fashion. The solution is green clothing. If the idea of green clothing brings to mind being dressed in potato sacks then think again. These days, high fashion green clothing is starting to make its way onto the fashion scene.

This video about green fashion visits one high end fashion boutique that has been working to bring green clothing into the spotlight. One way that this trendy shop has managed to produce good looking green clothing is by opting for environmentally friendly fabrics. For example, many of the items are made by bamboo and and organic cotton.

They also work to producing fashionable green clothing by making clothing out of recycled products. Would you know that recycled cashmere should be used to produce environmentally luxury clothing but at just a fraction of the cost of a normal cashmere sweater.

Sometimes the recycled fashion items are much more straight forward. For example, they have made some really cute handbags by using old trousers and even the bits of thread that would normally end up on the floor of a clothing factory.

With shops like this springing up there is no reason that you can't wear green clothing and still be ready for the catwalk. From the earrings you are wearing down to your underwear there is a way to look good and be wearing green clothing while doing it



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