Earth Day message from Greenpeace

Whatever you may personally think of Greenpeace's tactics, it is hard to argue that they have real concern for the state of the environment. In this Earth Day message from Greenpeace, done in the form of a video, we can all get an idea of what we need to do in order to help our environment.

The video itself is stunningly done by the use of many human hands to make up a series of amazingly beautiful representations of Earth. The Earth Day message starts off by showing us the connection between consumer greed and environmental damage. At the moment, our society is all about wanting all the latest trendy things without thinking much about what harm that could be doing to our environment.

As this Earth Day video from Greenpeace shows, if we carry on at that rate it won't be long before we are meeting each and every Earth Day with cries of wanting enough clean air to breath or enough clean water to drink.

Watching this Earth Day video it is hard to imagine anybody that could watch it and walk away not wanting to do that little bit extra to help the environment. Hopefully, it won't just be on Earth Day when these people select to be environmentally friendly but it is a start we should all embrace.

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