Green Gardening

Gardening and caring for the environment are two things that naturally go together. Even so, there are ways in which even those that regularly garden could change their habits to be more environmentally friendly.

In most cases, this means learning more about organic gardening. Organic gardening can be practiced in any number of ways in a personal garden. Here you can learn a variety of skills from making your own organic compost to learning how to care for your lawn without resorting to toxic chemicals.

Organic gardening isn't the only way to be environmentally friendly through gardening though. Another way is the growing trend o sustainable gardening. It is a skill that many of our ancestors would have had to have learned for mere survival. Today though, people that wish to be greener are learning to garden their own sustainable vegetable gardens for both fun and to reduce their food miles.

Planting sustainable vegetable garden - The only way you can be positive of what goes into your vegetables is to grow them yourself! Here you can learn how to plant your own sustainable vegetable garden even if you live in an urban setting.

How to start an organic garden - Organic gardening doesn't have to be difficult. Find out how to start an organic garden in your own yard.

Organic garden propagation methods - Once you have started to learn organic gardening you will then need to learn specific skills. Here are ideas on organic propagation methods.

Backyard sustainable gardening - Do you remember your grandparents having their own vegetable patch in the backyard? You too can have a backyard sustainable garden even if you don't have much space.

Organic lawn care tips - If you want to have a lush green lawn but do it through organic lawn care methods than this is the way to do it.

Making organic compost - Your organic garden needs to be fed if it is going to flourish. Here are tips on making your own organic compost.


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