Green cleaning for dummies

If you have decided to learn about green cleaning than you are far from being a dummy. Still, we all have to start off by learning the very basics of environmentally friendly cleaning and that is where this video from the 'For Dummies' people comes into play.

The first thing to learn when getting into green cleaning is learning which products will be able to clean what and how to use them. Don't worry, once you have learned how to use the basic items you will be a green cleaning expert in not time at all.

Borax is one of the most amazing tools in environmentally friendly cleaning. A really big box of borax will go a long way and it really can do a whole bunch of clean cleaning jobs around the house. Borax, for example is great to put into your laundry detergent to help brighten your whites without having to go for the toxic chemicals you would normally use. Borax is a natural mineral so while your whites are sparkling you will feel better about being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Baking powder is fantastic for cleaning out your fridge. You simply have to mix it with some warm water and it will act as a mild scrubbing cleaner. Only, it is far better for green cleaning than those liquid scrubber cleaners you buy from the supermarket.

Need to clean your shower head? If you want to be into green cleaning don't even think of going to buy one of those toxic descalers. Soak it in vinegar and you are on your way to having cleaned up that showerhead without having to resort to chemicals.

Those are just three items you can use to have better green cleaning habits. Just watch this video and learn what you can do with all of these and other normal household items such as lemon juice to clean your house and be environmentally friendly all at the same time.


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