Green Building

The structures we build say a lot about us as a society. With a bit of forward planning, we could all push forward with environmentally green building projects that will say to future generations that today's society cared about the condition in which we left the planet.

From building your own environmentally friendly how that uses solar energy to providing living roofs on vast industrial builds, every time a new project results in a green building something good has been done for the environment.

This page features a collection of ideas for green building projects. These ideas come from a wide range of perspectives. For example, you can learn about the benefits of using solar energy for the home. On the other end of the green building spectrum, you can see examples of ways that houses of worship around the world have been built to be environmentally friendly.

Going green with solar energy - If you are going to make one change to your home to make it more environmentally friendly then go solar. Solar energy for homes does not have to be over complicated and in the long term will save you money and help the environment at the same time.

Building green with living roof - Even the most ethical of green buildings will be likely to cause some damage to the environment. However, with a bit of creative thinking something can be given back to the environment too. These living roofs are an amazing idea for anybody looking to bring some life back to the urban environments that so dearly need it.

Environmentally friendly houses of worship - These are some really great examples of how places of religious worship have made the effort to be environmentally friendly. These green building projects are setting a fine example for all that visit them.

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