Green baby shower

If you are environmentally friendly then chances are when you have a baby you are fully intending to start them out in life as being a green baby. Well, you can actually start things earlier than that by having a green baby shower to celebrate their upcoming arrival into the world.

The woman in this video talks about ideas for throwing a green baby shower. She is a perfect person to talk because she helped to plan Sheryl Crow's environmentally friendly baby shower. A lot of the idea that she brought to the planning of the event were as simple as they were cute.

Some of them, in fact, just feel like common sense but a lot of us would probably over look them. For example, instead of using a ton of disposable plates and napkins why not use real plates? Sure, that is going to be a bit more clean up afterwards but you know the plates will be used again and they aren't going to be clogging up a landfill long after the baby shower. For the napkins for your green baby shower why not spring for some real napkins - perhaps made out of organic cotton. If you want to make them extra special you could have your guests names stitched into them and give them away at the end of the green baby shower as reminders of the day.

Other ways to throw a green baby shower is to consider the food you serve. Here, the event planner talks about going to the local farmer's market to source the fruit and vegetables served at the event. She threaded a few blueberries onto a brand new diaper pin and used them as garnish on cocktail glasses. That sounds like a fun idea for a green baby shower but do be careful about the sharp end of those pins!

The plantable paper they gave away at the green baby shower is such a great idea. It is a thin bit of paper that has seeds in it. Then, the guests just need to plant that paper. Then, when they can grow a new plant to celebrate the birth of your child.

Taking parts in a green baby shower can come from the guests too. One idea to save on the unnecessary wrapping paper is to get creative. Why not wrap the baby shower present in a baby blanket instead? That way not only are you saving on that paper but you are giving the new mom something she will need for her baby.

There are just so many ideas here for throwing a green baby shower that there is no excuse not to implement at least a few of them into your own event.

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