Green baby nursery

None of us want to be exposed to environmentally damaging chemicals and toxins. In the case of our babies, it becomes much more of a serious issue. In modern times, babies are exposed to so many potentially damaging environmental factors even before they have been born.

So, it makes sense that environmentally friendly moms that have the health of their newborn babies in mind want to find out how to make a green baby nursery.

A good place to start in creating that green baby nursery is to look at what goes into the paint you are using to decorate that green baby nursery. Normal paint is simply oozing with chemicals that simply can not be good for the delicate system of your baby. As an alternative, you may want to look into using clay based paints. They will still look great in the green baby nursery of your dreams without doing your baby any harm.

The clothing you dress your baby in can also be something you look at when it is time to dress your baby. We all know that cotton is a good fabric for babies. However, be alert to the fact that just because an item of baby clothing says that it is made with 100% cotton does not mean that the cotton is organic. Non-organic cotton is made using many chemicals. It is treated with pesticides. So, you know that if you want to avoid having your baby's clothing having contained such chemicals then you need to make sure only to bring organic cotton into your green baby nursery.

No baby nursery is complete without toys for your baby and that includes a green baby nursery. Babies are guaranteed to put those toys in their mouths though. So, you might what to reconsider bringing plastic toys into your green baby nursery. Plastic contains so many chemicals it is hard to know where to start. The idea of any baby sucking on chemical coated plastic toys is a nightmare for anybody looking to give their baby an environmentally friendly start in life.


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