Going green with Emeril Lagasse

Sometimes change has to happen from the top down and maybe that is the case with getting people to become more environmentally friendly with what and how they eat. If celebrity chefs are seen to be going green with the way they cook then perhaps the general public will eventually follow.

Which, is why it is great to see such high profile tv chefs such as Emeril Lagasse talk about going green and eating locally and organic.

What is interesting about this Emeril Lagasse video is that he isn't talking about needing to be fancy with your cooking in order to go green. Instead he shares methods that everybody can think about going green with their eating and cooking.

For example, the idea of cooking with the seasons is one which many people have lost. Sure, it is great to have exotic fruit and vegetables shipped in from around the world but that comes with a huge carbon footprint. If we instead keep to eating what is seasonal that is going to give us a better chance of being able to buy our produce locally. Which will mean a much smaller footprint and give us the chance to support our local economies too.

Going green and being able to support your community at the same time can not be a bad idea.

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