Going green with coffee

Are you one of the millions of people world wide that can't resist starting their day with a cup of coffee? If so then chances are you are visiting one of the famous coffee chains to buy that coffee. The problem with buying coffee at such places if you are trying to be environmentally friendly is that they give you your coffee in a paper cup.

Those paper cups are lined with a substance that is made from petrochemicals. That can't be good for either your body or the environment. So, it is important to find a way to be going green with your coffee.

One simple way of doing that is to start taking your own travel mugs when you go to buy coffee. Not only is this going green but you will be able to carry the cup of coffee easier than with one of those paper cups. Also, the coffee will stay hot for longer which means no need to stick it in the microwave and use more unnecessary energy which is another step in going green.

If money is a motivating factor for you when it comes to going green then ask your favorite coffee place if they offer a discount for bringing in your own travel mug. The chances are they do and then not only can you be going green when enjoying your coffee but you can spend less on it too.

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