Going green tip: use public transport

When is the last time you used public transport? A top going green tips for anybody living in a city with a public transport network is simply to use that network. Instead of automatically jumping into a car for every journey reconsider and think about the ways in which you could use public transport to make the same journey.

Surprisingly, in many cases, it will actually take less time to get from one urban point to another using public transport than it will in a car. You don't have to worry so much about traffic in most forms of public transport so you will get to your destination faster while taking on board the going green tip. Even if you find yourself using a public bus instead of the car you can usually count on your journey costing less than if you had taken a car and you know that you are being more environmentally friendly with your journey.

Plus, as this going green tip video points out, when you use public transport you always have the chance that you will meet a new friend. It has to be more interesting than being stuck by yourself in a car during a traffic jam?

So, remember when going green the best way to go is by public transport.

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