Going green tip: the mug

You are trying to live a more environmentally friendly life but ask yourself just how many paper cups you waste a day? How many cups of coffee or tea or even water do you have everyday at work alone?

This going green tip is for all of you that spend your work day filling up with coffee or even water at the company's expense. Instead of taking a paper cup from the dispenser why not bring your own mug instead?

If you don't think this is a going green tip that is going to be much good for you then why not attempt a bit of an experiment. For one week, collect all the paper cups you use when getting water, tea or coffee at work.

Keep them in a bag in a desk drawer and then count how many you have accumulated at the end of the week.Once you have done that think hard about how many of those cups you could have saved yourself from using if only you had brought your own mug in from home.

This is one of those going green tips that is so simple you will wonder why you hadn't done it before. Just bringing in your own mug will help you to live a more environmentally friendly work life and to make you feel better about yourself too.

One you have put this going green tip into action, why not consider talking to the other people in your office and see if you can't all agree to bring in your own mugs. Just imagine all the paper cups the company will save from the landfills just with that one simple move towards going green.

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