Going green tip: reuse clothing

Reduce, recycle and reuse has long been the motto of the environmentally friendly. However, have you ever thought about how reusing your old clothing could benefit the environment?

This going green tip is for any of you out there with sewing skills and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. If you have old clothing that you don't want to wear any more don't think that the only thing you can do with them is throw them away. No way! Get creative!

Remember how great the prom dress looked in Pretty In Pink? She made that all out of some old dresses and her imagination. By following this going green tip you will have unique clothing and a total sense of accomplishment in having made your own clothing while being environmentally friendly. Who knows, you might even discover that you have a hidden talent as a fashion designer!

Failing that, if you really don't think you have any chance in designing and sewing your own clothing, still don't throw those clothing away. Remember, even if they have gone out of style there is still going to be somebody out there needing clothing simply to keep warm. So, follow the going green tip of taking any unwanted clothing to a charity shop and donating them so that some good can come of your waste.

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