Going green tip: light bulbs

One really simple going green tip on how to have a more environmentally friendly home focuses on your light bulbs. Are you using energy saving light bulbs yet? If so, are you using them in all of the lights in your home?

The days of thinking using energy expensive light bulbs was doing to be extra expensive are over. Most of these types of bulbs can be found at very reasonable prices. They tend to last longer too so if you don't have to replace your light bulbs as often you are saving money in that sense too. Plus, if you following this going green tip and switch to energy saving light bulbs you will be creating less rubbish from all those used light bulbs.

So, go around your house today and put this going green tip into action. Make sure that all of your light bulbs are energy saving. Want to go even further? Why not ask at work and see if your work place uses them yet or not? If they don't use them then pass on the going green tip and maybe you can help your work to be more environmentally friendly too.

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