Going green tip: battery charger

Rechargeable batteries in our electrical goods are a great thing for saving us money and for reducing the number of batteries being thrown into landfills each year. However, did you know there is a really simply going green tip that you can follow when it comes to those batteries?

Really, this going green tip is as simple as telling you to unplug your battery charger. If you think about it, most of us are probably guilty of having at one time or another set our laptop or mobile phone to charge and then simply removed the item from the charger when we were done. Of course, that means we have left the battery charger plugged into the wall.

The going green tip is to unplug that battery charger from the wall when you are done. The reason is because that even though the charger isn't actually charging any batteries it still is using electricity. Boy, is that a ton of totally wasted energy right there!

So, just unplug that battery charger fully from the wall when your item has finished charging. Then you can be going green and making your house looking a bit more tidy.


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