Going green at Michigan State University

It is great to see our institutes of higher learning setting the example on going green and becoming more environmentally friendly. That is exactly what Michigan State University is doing.

MSU has set up a giant recycling center and a surplus store on campus that is unlike any other campus store you may have seen. The building itself is a prime example for any builders looking to go green with public buildings. Every part of the recycling center from the parking lot paving to the air conditioning units have been developed with having Michigan State University going green.

The recycling center is so big that you would be use to seeing similar facilities working for a whole city but this building is busy all day just dealing with the MSU waste.

What is particularly interesting about this MSU plan to go green is that not only are they recycling but they are reusing. Anything that comes to the recycling center that has be purchased with MSU funds and is still in working order is sent to their surplus store. That is a wide range of items from vehicle parts to lab equipment and dorm furniture.

Instead of throwing all these things away they put them up for sale in the surplus store. First choice goes to other MSU departments which have the chance to put the materials back to use on campus. If that doesn't work then the public are welcome to come to Michigan State University and pick up some bargains. With the sports history of MSU you would think they would be getting their door knocked down by people just wanting to take a look at that part of the store alone.

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