Going Green

If you have found your way to Environmentally Friendly then you a probably looking for some help on going green. Once you have decided that you want to make changes in your life that will take you away from the environmentally harmful lifestyle that most people in modern society follow, you are going to be needing going green tips.

Here you will find a series of going green articles and videos that will help you with various aspects of leading an environmentally responsible life. Some of the following pages are aimed at giving simple but important tips on modifying your everyday behavior in order to be kinder to the environment. Other pages feature examples of what other people and even big companies have done in order to being going green in the workplace and at home.

How To Go Green - Everybody needs to start somewhere when they are looking to become more environmentally friendly. Here are some going green tips for those looking to start with the simple things and move on up from there.

Environmentally Friendly Packing Peanuts - Perhaps you are looking for suggestions about going green in the office. Well, if your company sends out good than one way they could make a big difference to the environment would be to use environmentally friendly packing materials.

Going green at Michigan State University - Not only are companies going green these days but educational facilities are too. Michigan State University have set a great example of how it is possible to go green on campus.

Going green with coffee - Going green tips don't always have to be about big complicated life changes. Check this out and find out how just one simple change to your daily coffee routine can make a difference to the environment.

5 easy ways to go green - You can simply never have enough going green tips. So, here are five more ways to change your impact on the environment.

Tips for saving water - Water is precious to all life on this planet. Yet, so many people waste water at such a rate to be shameful. Here are some easy to follow tips on saving water.

Going green tip: battery charger - We all have so many batteries that need to be charged these days. From cell phones to laptops there is always something that needs to have its juice topped up. Make sure that you are using that battery charger in the most environmentally friendly way.

Going green tip: the mug - Did you know that just using your favorite mug could help to save the planet? Follow this tip and you will be on track for going green in the workplace.

Going green tip: The Fridge - When your tummy starts to grumble you just like everybody else and head off for the fridge. Is your fridge harming the environment though? Find out what one, very simple, tip can help reduce the hard your fridge does to the planet.

Going Green Tip: Use Public Transport - When is the last time you left your car behind and took public transport instead? Watch these and see why taking the bus now and then could do wonders for the environment.

Going Green Tip: Reuse clothing - Are you a slave to fashion trends? Don't throw away that old clothing! Find ways to reuse clothing and be environmentally friendly while doing it.

Going Green Tip: Light Bulbs - Let there be light! However, we all need to make sure that the light bulbs we are using are kind to the environment.


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