Food miles and food waste

The term "food miles" is one of those you are likely to never have heard prior to a few years ago. Now though, saying you care about the food miles of your groceries is all the rage and darn near trendy. In reality though, not that many of us really understand the energy that is involved with bringing even the most simple of meals to our table.

This very well crafted video demonstrates just how many energy is needed to take the humble fish finger (aka fish stick) from the sea to the plate of a child. From the manpower required to bring it out of the sea, through the factory, to the store and then into your oven to the environment damaging fuels that have to be used through that process.

One of the key stresses of this environmental videos is the importance of not wasting food. If all of these food miles and the energy have to be put into getting a meal into your family then the worst possible thing you could do is to waste that food. If you don't eat it all then all those food miles have been for nothing.

Watching this video will make you think more about your food miles and how to stop your family wasting food and the planet's energy all at the same time.

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