Environmentally Friendly People

Without a doubt, it is down to the normal everyday people in the world to make the most impact on the environment. However, equally there is truth in the notion that when a celebrity makes an environmentally friendly statement it gets more attention. That can be frustrating but at the same time it can be a powerful tool if used correctly.

Here are some examples of celebrities being used to spread the cause of environmental awareness. Often, these celebrities are the sort which are of most interest to younger people. That has to be applauded because the sooner our youth get the message about being environmentally friendly the brighter the future looks for us all.

In other cases, however, the environmentally friendly celebrities are some of the most respected actors of their generation. Robert Redford, for example has has a long term commitment to environmental causes and has used his celebrity to help to get attention for some of the most important matters facing the environment.

Jonas Brothers Going Green - Every kid around wants Jonas Brothers tickets these days because they are simply the hottest kid's music group around. Which makes it so great that such a popular group ad the Jonas Brothers have made an effort to be involved with environmentally friendly projects. Certainly, there is a financial element behind the Jonas Brothers sponsorship of Chevy's electric cars. However, with a name as big as their's, the Jonas Brothers could have signed up to promote any number of sponsors. So, putting their name next to an environmentally friendly project has to be a positive example to their many young fans.

Cameron Diaz talks trees - Cameron Diaz films might ne known for being largely lightweight affairs. Off screen however, Cameron Diaz is an environmentalist with a commitment to living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. On this occasion, Cameron Diaz went to Sesame Street in order to teach the young audience about the importance of trees.

Robert Redford on oil - Of call the celebrities involved with environmental causes, Robert Redford is one that can't be accused of doing it because it is trendy. Robert Redford has been deeply involved with environmental causes for many years. He often lends his face and voice to videos, such as this one, that aim to advance the cause of environmental protection.

Disney Stars Going Green - If we are going to save the planet then we have to get the youth interested in the cause. That is exactly what the Disney Channel had in mind when it decided to have the channel go green. This is a collection of Disney Channel stars explaining why they care about the environment.

Miley Cyrus and Wake Up America - Celebrities getting involved with environmental awareness doesn't always have to be in the form of lecturing the masses. In her song Wake Up America, Miley Cyrus took that path of trying to educate through entertainment.

Cate Blancett talks Solaraid - Some celebrities get involved with environmental causes in a very broad stroke sort of a way. Others, such as Oscar winning actress, Cate Blancett, associate themselves with a very specific cause. Cate Blancett has become associated with the Solaraid charity and here she explains why the charity is important to both the people it benefits and the environment.



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