Environmentally Friendly Packing Peanuts

Even the most environmentally friendly amongst us want to make sure things we order arrive without breaking. Yet, we know that packing peanuts aren't good for the environment. So, what choice should we make to be the eco-minded and get our purchases in one piece?

In this video, Steve Spangler demonstrates the differences between the traditional styrofoam packing peanuts and the various more environmentally friendly packing peanuts that are becoming available. The primary difference between the traditional and the green packing peanuts is they way in which they can be disposed.

The styrofoam variety simply isn't as recyclable as the manufactures like to tell us and Spangler proves that by showing how easy it is to dissolve the starch-based packaging materials vs the styrofoam that simply never goes away.

Anybody wanting to send a package to their loved ones but who wants to do their bit of the environment should watch this and then find out where they can buy the environmentally friendly packing peanuts for their next mailing. If you have to go to a shipping place to send your packages why not ask them why they aren't using the environmentally friendly packing peanuts too?


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