Environmentally friendly houses of worship

You don't have to be religious yourself to appreciate these green houses of worship. When you think about it then it makes sense that any number of religions would want to focus on making churches and other places of worship more environmentally friendly. After all, if whatever god you personally worship has given us the Earth then surely it is only respectful for us to look after our home.

The green houses of worship range across nearly every major religion and are located throughout the world. Even the controversial proposed masque and community center at Ground Zero is planning to focus their design to be environmentally friendly.

Places of worship such as a Buddhist temple in Thailand show that going green with your buildings doesn't mean they have to be unattractive. The building is made totally from recycled green and brown beer bottles. Not only are they allowing for somebody else's vice to have been turned into something that helps the soul but they are making a beautiful building at the same time.

Other efforts to make religious sites go green are more about the rules rather than the buildings. For example, one giant Hindu temple in India has recently banned plastic from inside the temple. It may sounds like a a small step but by not allowing such a environmentally harmful product into their worship they are setting an example for all that go there to worship.

There are more examples of green houses of worship on this video and perhaps you can take some ideas away from it back to your own congregation. Even just starting a recycling drive at your church or other place of worship could be a fantastic example for the youth and spiritually fulfilling at the same time.


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