Environmental Disasters

Often all the discussion of environmental damage and problems with the environment sounds simply like academic talk. People who are global warming skeptics, for example, may claim that there is no proof that damage is being done to the environment. Those people obviously haven't opened the eyes lately to see the environmental disasters that are going on around us.

Some of those environmental disasters are massive floods or large oils spills. However, many of those environmental disasters are smaller scale and can go all but ignored if there isn't a spotlight put in their direction.

Here are some examples of environmental disasters which have either happened in recent times or are ongoing problems for the environment. Click these links and find out about these environmental disasters and then understand why they are warning shots from the Earth to demonstrate the extent of the damage being done to our planet.

Pacific trash vortex - Where doe all that trash that you throw out go? If it is out of sight is it then also out of mind? The Pacific trash vortex is one example of the environmental damage our disposable society does to the planet. This one really needs to be seen to be believed.

Top five worst oil spills - The BP oil spill has made everybody sit up and take notice of what harm can be done to the environment by deep water oil drilling. However, this is far from the first time that oil has been responsible for an environmental disaster. Watch this on educate yourself on five of the other worst oil spills of modern times.

Danger to coral reef fish - Environmental disasters aren't always dramatic moments that take the world by storm. Some of the biggest environmental disasters are slower moving events which are having dramatic effect on the environment. Take a look at what is happen to the coral reefs and the danger that poses to the fish and plants that call them home.


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