Earth Day Rap

Don't ever say you can't be environmentally friendly AND have a sense of humor. This Earth Day rap video is just down right funny no matter how seriously you personally take Earth Day. The guy doing this Earth Day rap video might not be worrying Weird Al too much but he has sure taken a page out of his book when he was penning the lyrics.

What is particularly great about the Earth Day rap is that while some of the ideas they give for going green are just funny there are others which are a great idea. Even just the apparently silly idea about not waking up to an electric alarm clock on Earth Day is a great idea for saving a little bit of energy to celebrate Earth Day.

The Earth Day rap is cute but just remember to follow his advice and NOT drink gasoline! No matter who you are and how much you want to celebrate Earth Day that is just never going to be a good idea! Stick to watching this silly Earth Day rap guy do it instead!

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