Earth Day Pug


Now and then you just run across an Earth Day video that is simply too cute not to be shared. That certainly is the case with this Earth Day pug. That cute little pug face is so sweet it will melt your heart. However, beyond those precious eyes is a serious Earth Day message.

Earth Day pug is on a mission to show us all that every day should be Earth Day. After all, if a pug can live an environmentally friendly life why shouldn't we all strive for the same thing?

Earth Day pug knows that many people don't think it is easy to go green but she shows us that we can all reduce, reuse and recycle. All we need to do is make sure all of our waste goes into the correct places. If it can be recycled we should do that every day and not just on Earth Day.

We can all use public transportation more and if there isn't a good and reliable public transport in your town then find out a way to car pool. Even if everybody at your office only carpooled on Earth Day that would still be an improvement.

This amazingly cute Earth Day pug video will show you so many different ways that we can make simple changes to our lives to make every day Earth Day.

Don't let the efforts of a pug put you to shame.


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