Earth Day

We as humans make use of the Earth every single day of our lives. So, it feels only fair that once a year we get together and celebrate our home in the form of Earth Day. It may feel as if Earth Day has been with us for a very long time but it really is a relatively new event which was started as a response to a series of environmental disasters that had been taking place in the United States.

Now, every April 22, people around the world hold Earth Day events to celebrate this great planet on which we live. Earth Day also serves as focal point where for one day we can all reflect on the damage we do to the Earth. Hopefully, after people have taken part in Earth Day events, no matter how small, they will come away feeling the desire to become more environmentally friendly in their own lives.

President Obama Marks 40th Earth Day - On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, President Obama gave an address. This is that address from President Obama where he speaks of not only the history of Earth Day but on the need to continue to work for an improved environment.

Reasons to celebrate Earth Day - Apart from anything else, Earth Day events can be a great deal of fun. However, behind the fun there is the very serious message of needing to work together to solve environmental problems.

Greenepeace Earth Day message - Greenpeace, love them or hate them, are one of the most active environmental activist groups in the world. So, they of course aren't going to miss the chance to give a statement on Earth Day.

Earth Day Rap - Earth Day celebration doesn't all have to be about doom and gloom. Some Earth Day events are about pairing together environmental education with fun. This Earth Day rap has taken a tongue in cheek look at going green on Earth Day.

Earth Day Pug - Even dogs can do their part for Earth Day. Watch this charmingly funny video from Earth Day Pug.

Jonas Brothers Earth Day Quiz - One way to get youth interested in the idea of Earth Day is to get their entertainment figures involved with the cause. Here, the Jonas Brothers do their part by taking part in a goofy Earth Day quiz.



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