Disney stars go green

The younger that kids get interested in being environmentally friendly the better it will be for the planet. That is why it is great to see stars of the Disney Channel coming out and promoting going green. This video is packed full of Disney stars all giving their tips on how they have managed to become more environmentally friendly in their own lives.

Stars such as Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Chelsea Staub and a whole bank of others from the channel have lined up to talk about what protecting the environment means to them.

Sure, we could all put our grown up cynical hats on and wonder how much of this environmentally friendly talk truly comes from the Disney stars and how much of it they have been contracted to say by their employers. However, either way it is getting the message about going green out in front of the youngest eyes and that can not be a bad thing if we want them to get interested in bring environmentally friendly throughout their lives.

When they see Jonas Brothers talk about being responsible and learning to recycle then we know the kids are more likely to take notice than if their parents are saying it. It may not be how we like it but it is true. The Disney stars showing up in this environmental video range from those for the very young to those like Chelsea Staub which are giving tips that will be more interesting to teenagers.

Which ever Disney Channel star that your kids look up to they will be hearing them speak of the benefit of going green and that has to be applauded.

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