Sir David Attenborough: The Truth About Climate Change

Sir David Attenborough could hardly be described as an environmental extremist. He has seen nearly every part of the world and observed so much of the wonderful animal life that shares the planet with humans. Yet, until recently Sir David Attenborough was - like many of us - unsure about the true causes of climate change.

Then, the veteran broadcaster and respected naturalist, visited scientists who showed him a graph that explained the ways that natural climate change can and has happened to the Earth over history. The climate change graph also showed the difference in that graph when human contributions to climate change were introduced to the planet.

The results were so striking that as a result, Sir David Attenborough has come to believe that humans are the cause of the acceleration of climate change.

In this video, he revisits the climate change scientist that convinced him and has him explain the study and the climate change graph to the audience. It is really worth the watch if you wish to shed a bit more light onto the complicated climate change debate.

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